Author: David Petrantoni

Nancy Pelosi

Our Pelosi Problem

There’s a showdown coming in 2020. The culmination of four year’s worth of tension, anger, and controversy will reach its zenith on election day. As a nation we’ve watched as immigrant children detained in cages, as the president and his family have engaged in levels of self-enrichment and corruption unseen since the Gilded Age and…
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Andrew Gillum, Beto O'Rourke, Stacy Abrams

A Tale of Three Candidates

By David Petrantoni In the fall of 2018, millions of Americans-weary from the overwhelming toxicity of an inept and comical Trump presidency-turned their eyes to a trio of young and diverse candidates who many hoped would be harbingers of the Blue Wave. Ushering in a reformed and invigorated Democratic Party. Stacey Abrams was an African…
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