Pinellas Park City Council Elections

— March 17, 2020 —

PINELLAS PARK City Council Seat 3

Connie Bruce (NP)


Rick Butler (NP)

= SUPPORTED by the Pinellas County Young Democrats.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a non-partisan race. Candidates will not have the typical (D) or (R) next to their name. Be informed before you vote!

Pinellas Park operates under a Council-Manager form of government.   The Council is made up of the Mayor and four (4) Councilmembers, each elected city-wide for a 4 year term. The City Council is responsible for budget approval and policy decisions that facilitate municipal services and promote quality of life for those who live and work in the community.  These decisions give direction to the City Manager who is responsible for the day-today management of the city.

About the Candidates

Connie Bruce

Bachelor of Science Accounting B.S.- 2000
Master of Business Administration M.B.A – 2008

Job: Sr. Planning Analyst

  • Served 13 Years as a volunteer on the Park and Recreation Board.
  • Served 4 years on the Board of Adjustment
  • Extensive professional work experience in planning annual budgets for maintenance and operations.

Rick Butler

High School Diploma, Gibbs High School

Job: Realtor

  • A multi-decade incumbent who has run unopposed since March 2008.
  • A self-described “radical right-winger

Why we support Connie Bruce

The Pinellas County Young Democrats are supporting Connie Bruce for the Pinellas Park City Council, Seat 3 position for a few reasons. First of all, she has the education and professional experience to succeed in the job. Second, we believe that Connie has what it takes to begin to move the needle forward on the issues that effect Pinellas Park the most, such as affordable housing, public transportation and long-overdue infrastructure investments. Lastly, she has the skills to make change happen without compromising the future financial strength and security of the city of Pinellas Park.

Fun Fact

The last time this seat was on the ballot, only 3,568 people voted.

To put that in perspective: As of January 2020, there are 11,644 Registered Democrats in Pinellas Park!

About this Page

The information on this page is sourced either directly by the P.C.Y.D. or from the St. Petersburg Area League of Women Voter’s and the Pinellas County Supervisor of Election.

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