We are fighting to develop today's leaders for tomorrow's Democratic Party. Join as we work to shape the outcome of the 2020 election


Young Democrats have an opportunity to reimagine and reshape our party. 

For far too long we have not had a real seat at
the table. So many people in our generation
view institutions like political parties as vehicles of a time past. That is not true. We can influence and shape the future of our party. Use your voice!

Help us Elect Democrats

Join us!   You can make a difference.

How Can I Help Elect Democrats During Covid-19?

There are a lot of ways to help! We’ve created this handy guide to help you find the best way to help out in this important election. If you have a little time or a lot, your work will help turn Pinellas County blue! 


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unity is great, freedom is better

Unity is Great, but Freedom is Better

5 Take-aways from the 2020 Election in Pinellas By: Johnny Boykins, President, Pinellas Young Democrats On November 7th, four days after the Presidential Election, Joseph R. Biden of Delaware and[…]

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One Week to Build Back Better

One Week

In one week, the country will decide the course for the next four years. I hope that the country will choose to BUILD BACK BETTER. By Johnny Boykins, President, Pinellas[…]

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Virtual Phonebanking with the Coordinated Campaign

by Conner Jure, Regional Organizing Director with the Florida Democratic Party I keep hearing about the Coordinated Campaign. What is it? The Coordinated Campaign is, in some ways, the Biden[…]

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Elections are complicated and you have questions! We have put together this handy series of 2020 Ballot Voter Guides for the three secitons you will see on your ballot: Candidates, Judges, and Amendments & Referendums.

2020 Pinellas Democratic Party Slate

— 2020 Ballot —

The official 2020 Pinellas Democratic Party Slate of Candidates

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2020 ballot get to know your judges

— 2020 Ballot —

Get to know your Judges

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2020 Ballot Constitutional Amendments and Pinellas County Tax Referendum Recommendations

— 2020 Ballot —

Constittutional Amendments and Pinellas County Tax Referendum Recommendations

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