The PCYD Endorse Ken Welch for Mayor of St. Petersburg

The PCYD Endorse Ken Welch for Mayor of St. Petersburg

On Thursday, July 29, as part of our endorsement process, the Pinellas Young Democrats held a forum for the Democratic candidates in the St. Petersburg mayoral race. All Democratic candidates were invited and Michael Ingram, Wengay Newton and Ken Welch attended.

We were all really impressed by the depth of responses that we received from each candidate. The questions submitted had no simple answers. All three gave well thought out responses and clear ideas for their visions for the future of St. Petersburg.

Candidates (left to right) Ken Welch, Michael Ingram
& Wengay Newton.

The PCYD Political Committee divided questions into three categories: the environment, affordable housing and transportation. Based off of the candidates’ responses, combined with each candidate’s record and experience, we landed on our final endorsement.

The Pinellas County Young Democrats ENDORSE Ken Welch for Mayor

With his two decades of service as county commissioner, extensive knowledge of local policy, his progressive ideas and his passion for St. Petersburg, Ken Welch is the best candidate to move St. Petersburg forward while making sure no one gets left behind.

Ken Welch for Mayor

Visit KenWelch.com

We also believe that Ken Welch:

  • Is ready to tackle the challenges facing St. Petersburg as it experiences the effects of climate change and has a plan to prepare the city for what’s to come in the future.
  • Will approach the housing crisis from a wholistic standpoint; including low income, workforce and “missing middle” housing.
  • Use experience from his role as county commissioner and member of many local advisory boards. Ken Welch understands the influence the City of St. Petersburg has on the the county as a whole and that many of our housing and transportation challenges need to be solved through relationships with many local municipalities.

The St. Petersburg Primary Election will be held August 24, 2021. The deadline to mail your ballot is August 14, 2021 (5:00 p.m.). Visit VotePinellas.com to find your polling location and more.