Blue Wave

We have survived the Primary, let’s get to work in Pinellas. 


Congratulations to the candidates who have advanced. In Pinellas County, we will be working to Elect and Re-Elect

  • Andrew Gillum, Governor
  • Sean Shaw, Florida Attorney General
  • Nicole “Nikki: Fried, Florida Agriculture Commissioner
  • Jeremy Ring, Florida Chief Financial Officer
  • Bill Nelson, US Senate
  • Chris Hunter, US House District 12
  • Charlie Crist, US House District 13.
  • Amanda Murphy, FL Senate District 16
  • Lindsay Cross, FL Senate District 24
  • Jessica Harrington, FL House District 64
  • Sally Laufer, FL House District 65
  • Alex Heeren, FL House District 66
  • Dawn Douglas, FL House District 67
  • Ben Diamond, FL House District 68
  • Jennifer Webb, FL House District 69
  • Wengay Newton, FL House District 70
  • Amy Kedron, Pinellas County Commission District 6
  • Jeff Larson, Pinellas County School Board District 2
  • Nicole Carr, Pinellas County School Board District 3
  • Matt Stewart, Pinellas County School Board District 6
  • Rene Flowers, Pinellas County School Board District 7
There are also several ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments we will also advocate to pass. We have a lot of work to do. Over the next 60+ days, we will be required to reach out to our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. We can make a difference. If you are interested in connecting with any of the campaigns listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at johnny.boykins@pinellasdemocrats.com. We will be continuing our Operation Sweat Equity Campaign to Flip Pinellas Blue. Onward and Upward.

Johnny V. BoykinsDemocrats across Florida have spoken and have advanced a stellar group of nominees from Governor to State House to County Commission and School Board. The primary was hard fought and for the most part. Democrats talked about kitchen table issues and obstacles that we face as a state. I think Democrats and Floridians are better because of those debates. Now it is the time for us to stand in solidarity with our nominees and work like crazy to not only flip Pinellas Blue but Florida Blue in November. We have an opportunity to reimagine our state in ways that can have historical and generational impacts. That makes me excited. With that said, I don’t believe in some magical blue wave. We are going to need to put in the hard work to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. The GOP is working hard to keep this state in Republican control. They will be knocking doors, make phone calls, and turning out voters. We need to do it better. Let’s capitalize on the momentum of this moment. Let’s put in the work required to get out the vote as we have never done before. We can make history. We can chart a new course. 
Johnny V. Boykins
Pinellas Young Democrats