One Week

One Week

One Week to Build Back Better

In one week, the country will decide the course for the next four years. I hope that the country will choose to BUILD BACK BETTER.

By Johnny Boykins, President, Pinellas County Young Democrats

I don’t know about you, but I have been swinging back and forth between extreme political anxiety and solid confidence in the work that Democrats around the country are putting in, particularly in Pinellas County. In one week, the country will decide the course for the next four years. I hope that the country will choose to BUILD BACK BETTER

To the members of the Pinellas County Young Democrats, I am proud of what we have achieved. In 2019, our Chapter was named Best Chapter in the Florida Young Democrats. We were set on hosting the most epic Convention the Florida Young Democrats ever presented, but 2020 had other plans for us. Nevertheless, we persisted.  I am proud that our Chapter could adapt to the new normal of pandemic living and quarantine. We never missed the beat, moving our meetings to a digital format and building a robust Young Democrats community on our Slack Channel. Thank you.

I am proud that we kept our energy up, debating politics, and having beverages from our homes for Brews and Views. This year, we took challenging positions, endorsing a slate of candidates that, if victorious on November 3rd, will put forth a progressive agenda of policy initiatives. We supported our PCYD members who took brave steps forward and put themselves in the arena. 

I am proud of the work we’ve done. Despite the pandemic and our inability to engage in traditional forms of political campaigning, the Pinellas County Young Democrats DID THE WORK! We have texted thousands of voters, dropped thousands of pieces of literature in every district in Pinellas County. We’ve hosted Days of Actions, coordinated with our neighboring Young Democrats Chapters in Manatee/Sarasota (Manasota) and Hillsborough Counties. We have made individual contributions, shared social media stories, and worked with groups like the College Democrats of Eckerd College and the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg. We have a lot to be proud of.

For the next seven days, I ask you to remain in the fight. We need to ensure that our candidates and campaigns make it across the finish line on November 3rd. I am asking you to sign up for that extra shift, make one more phone call, send one more text, canvass one more door. I am asking to attend a sign-waving event or hand out literature on election day at a polling station. I am asking you to scroll through your contacts list and make that call to a friend you are unsure will vote—Check-in with your neighbors, family, friends, colleagues, and old associates. When we vote, we win! It is that simple.

When the polls close at 7:00 pm on Election Day, I know that I will have left it all on the field. I want you to have that same feeling. I voted because I am a climate voter. I voted because I believe in the Republic despite her flaws. I voted because, as Biden and Harris have said, “our country is better than this!” I voted because the United States of America is my country too! Pinellas Young Democrats, we have a lot to be proud of, now let us bring home our victory!


We are focusing on two, extremely important State House races in our final weekend before the election. We have planned back-to-back days of action for Jessica Harrington in HD64 and Jennifer Webb in HD69.

Jessica Harrington Volunteer


Halloween Day of Action for 

Costumes not required, but
strongly encouraged!

Jennifer Webb Volunteer


Day of Action for 

Be sure to sign up for the right shift! Sunday, Nov. 1 at 11am!