Millennial and Youth Turnout

Millennial and Youth Turnout

Finster Tech Consulting has released an interactive map of the State with breakdowns of Voter Turnout by age. Pinellas County turned Blue again in 2018, thanks in part to the turnout efforts of Voters age 18-34.

We should acknowledge that the college and university areas of overperformed with youth voter turnout. We are looking at you Eckerd College, located in the Southernmost party of the County and USFSP in the downtown – midtown corridor.

We should also pay close attention to the efforts in St. Petersburg. There was significant Millennial voter turnout in the Northeast, Downtown, and Southeast portions of the city. We will continue to pour over the data as it becomes available. AS we move towards 2020, we should develop strategies to increase this turnout and engagement.

EDIT 12-17-18: The original story credited the Florida Democratic Party for the interactive map linked above. The map was actually created by Finster Tech Consulting.