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2020 is here to recruit you

2020 is Here to Recruit You

Young LGBTQ+ people have seen profound and rapid cultural and social changes over the last decade but we shouldn’t stop pushing. There is more work to do. As we wrap of Pride Month 2020, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on where we have been and grappling with the rapid cultural and social changes…
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Millennial and Youth Turnout

Finster Tech Consulting has released an interactive map of the State with breakdowns of Voter Turnout by age. Pinellas County turned Blue again in 2018, thanks in part to the turnout efforts of Voters age 18-34. We should acknowledge that the college and university areas of overperformed with youth voter turnout. We are looking at…
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We Made Pinellas Blue Again

We didn’t usher in the blue wave we were all hoping for, but we did our part here in Pinellas. We made Pinellas blue again. For that, we should all be proud. We were not successful at electing a BOLD and PROGRESSIVE Governor or reelecting our Senator, but all is not lost. We didn’t lose…
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