What’s My District?

What’s My District?

What's My District?

YOU CAN HELP elect Democrats in Pinellas County by volunteering on a district level!

Before we get started, here is a quick breakdown of the Democratic Party. At the top, there is the Democratic National Committee, they primarily nominate the presidential candidates and set the party platform. Below that, each state has a a central committee. The Florida Democratic Party oversees, among other things, the network of county Democratic electoral committees (D.E.C.). The bulk of the hands-on work in the Democratic party is done on a county level by local volunteers at D.E.C.s like the Pinellas Democratic Party.

Here in Pinellas county, the work is divided up based on state house district. Each district elects a chair who oversees the work in their area. Pinellas County is home to 7 state house districts. Some state house districts overlap with other counties (such as Hillsborough in district 64) and in those instances, both county district chairs work together to advance Democrat candidates and causes.

What’s my district?

The easiest way to find your district is to use the “Find your Representative” tool provided by the Florida House of Representatives. Just enter your house number and street name and you will find your representative and district number.

Pinellas County state house districts

Sign up for a Shift!

Check out Volunteer Opportunities in your area HERE. Simply browse for your district in the events feed and choose a shift.

I want to do more!

If you have questions or comments about district volunteer opportunities, we suggest you reach out directly to your district chair. Please be sure to mention if you have any unique skills or talents that might help us elect Democrats this fall!

District 64
Chair:Malinda Schmitz
Email: District64@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 65
Chair: Bill Norsworthy
Email: District65@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 66
Chair: Brian Beckman
Email: District66@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 67
Chair: Vacant
Email: office@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 68
Chair: Sharon Loughry
Email: District68@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 69
Chair: Tony Mederith
Email: District69@pinellasdemocrats.com

District 70
Chair: Ed Stevens (acting chair)
Email: District70@pinellasdemocrats.com

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about how you can best volunteer to help the party, you can call our local office at 727-327-2796 or email office@pinellasdemocrats.com.