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hello, i am gay

Pride Prospectus

June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and the LGBTQ+ community has a lot to celebrate. Every June, we watch our social media turn into a sea of rainbows. Corporations and brands work extremely hard to capitalize on the enterprise that is LGBTQ Pride. LGBTQ Rights organizations launch campaign. Communities large and small issue proclamations. There are…
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principled political persuasion

Principled Political Persuasion

Too many of my contemporaries have forgotten or never really experienced what it’s like to craft persuasive arguments or engage in meaningful debate. By: Johnny V. Boykins It seems like the art of persuasion is dead, a vestige of a bygone era where people engaged in the hard work of bringing people to their perspective.…
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fighting democrats

Democrats Are Not in Disarray

The political collective of pundits, editorial boards, op-ed contributors, cable news broadcasts, and social media “political philosophers” are all lamenting about the dysfunction and dissolution of the Democratic Party, due to our increasingly crowded presidential field. The political collective is regularly asserting that the Party is in disarray. The political collective is wrong because it…
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photograph of millenials

The Millennial Future

The era of the political gatekeepers is officially over. Consider this an obituary. Millennials can no longer afford to “wait our turn” or “get in line” or “pay our dues” or whatever cliché that is directed our way. Our futures depend on the gates opening up, or we will dismantle the barriers altogether. Our Future…
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millennial left

Organizing The Millennial Left

The coalition that makes up the Democratic Party should embrace the youthful pressure disrupting the status quo within the liberal establishment and progressive left. Embrace The Disruption The rank and file order of the political left is changing. The coalition that makes up the Democratic Party should embrace the youthful and leftward pressure disrupting the…
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We Made Pinellas Blue Again

We didn’t usher in the blue wave we were all hoping for, but we did our part here in Pinellas. We made Pinellas blue again. For that, we should all be proud. We were not successful at electing a BOLD and PROGRESSIVE Governor or reelecting our Senator, but all is not lost. We didn’t lose…
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Blue Wave


We have survived the Primary, let’s get to work in Pinellas.  #FlipPinellasBlue Congratulations to the candidates who have advanced. In Pinellas County, we will be working to Elect and Re-Elect Andrew Gillum, Governor Sean Shaw, Florida Attorney General Nicole “Nikki: Fried, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Jeremy Ring, Florida Chief Financial Officer Bill Nelson, US Senate Chris Hunter,…
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Florida Young Democrats

Operation Sweat Equity

Our campaign, Operation Sweat Equity is in full effect. The Pinellas County Young Democrats are engaging campaigns all over Pinellas County. We are putting in the work to help elect Democrats in the Primary in August and the General Election in November. Don’t forget to take a Selfie or two and send them to us.…
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A Letter from the President

Dear Pinellas YDs, As many of you know, we recently sent a delegation to Florida Young Democrats Conference in Miami-Dade County this past weekend. It was a soggy weekend but ultimately a success. I am pleased to announce that the Pinellas County Young Democrats received the FYD Best New Chapter Award with our new friends…
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